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This upcoming 2016/17 season, K3 – Centre for Choreography | Tanzplan Hamburg celebrates its 10th anniversary under the umbrella theme of Dancing Together – Working Together. In honour of this occasion, this season’s residency programme will also have a specific motto and a special format.

For the 2016/17 season, K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg will award a five-month residency to an artistic team/collective for the development of a group piece, closely linking choreographic practice, research and artistic production. This residency format is directed at “post-emerging” choreographers (artistic teams/collectives in the field of choreography), who have already implemented several productions. The residency is expected to begin in August 2016 and will run until January 2017.

With this once-only call for proposals to commemorate the K3 anniversary, K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg seeks to contribute to the development of new formats and give space for group works featuring more than three collaborators – a production format that is, mainly for financial reasons, rare in the independent performing arts scene.

The 2016/17 residency is closely linked to the other courses and professional training programs offered by K3. The residency includes accompaniment for a professional mentor as well as dramaturgical, technical and production-related support. It moreover connects the proposed project closely to the K3’s other on-going programmes.

Over the course of the residency, the artistic team/collective will develop a full-length piece that is presented at the end of the residency period on at least three separate evenings. The residency’s length of five months allows time for the development of a specific methodology of working as a team or collective, as well as enables exchange with other artists and interested parties in order to receive new impulses and contacts. Every member of the selected team/collective will receive a monthly stipend. In addition, the team/collective will be given a budget for the actual production phase at the end of the residency.

Application Requirements:
• The artistic team/collective should have implemented some projects in this constellation.
• The artistic team/collective is available for the entire duration of the residency from August 2016 until January 2017 in Hamburg.
• The artistic team/collective is willing to participate in K3’s outreach program and other activities of  K3.
• The artistic team/collective is interested both in engaging in exchange with other artists, as well as with an interested audience.
• The artistic team/collective has experience in / is interested in dealing with choreography on a discursive level, reflecting the own work, as well as working in a self-organised manner.

The residency programme covers:
• a monthly scholarship for the applicants in the artistic team/collective as well as a production budget for the performance to be created during the residency
• use of the K3 studios
• an accompanying mentor, support from the K3 team in the fields of dramaturgy, organisation, technical assistance and public relations
• active participation in the K3 outreach programme
• optional: participation in courses offered at K3 (on practical production skills, as well as dance- and performance theory et al.)
• optional: participation in regular professional training and other workshops offered at K3

Required Application Documents:
The application period for the residency in the 2016/17 season begins July 01st 2015 (12:00). The deadline is August 13th 2015 (23:59).The residency is open to international artistic teams/collectives. Applications must be made online via the application form, which will be activated during the application period and which contains e.g. questions concerning the artistic project being proposed for the residency, artistic background, motivation etc. Please also provide video-web links of your work (if possible please use because other online video sites can cause difficulties with copyrights and might be blocked in Germany).

The application can only be made in English!


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